Banff Springs Hotel Staff Reunion




My name is Doug McKenzie - I worked at the Springs in the summer of 1972, room service bussing - and then later in the summer/fall later in the spring 1977/78 in the laundry, later as a midnight janitor.  I met my wife Trudy Waldron in 1978 who worked in the kitchens at the Springs - we have two grown children and a 15 year old son who wants to work at the Springs.



Rick Hall. Public Spaces,

Two buddies and I were travelling to Calgary from Penticton after high school graduation festivities when we decided to pull into Banff and look around. Not having a great deal of more interesting options for summer employment, we took jobs at the Springs as Housemen, Public Spaces. The best summer in our lives.
We were given a double room in the upper annex so had lots of space. A couple more guys from Penticton arrived so now there were 5... Not a great deal of sleep took place.
20 cent beer at the Cascades. $1.65 an hour and I think it was about 1.00 day room and board.
Does anyone remember Ernie Christmas and Dave Sturtevant? They worked as bellmen and golf course as well. During this summer, CP had a derailment down the highway towards Calgary. Does anyone remember the (cheap) wine that was consumed in the annex after this train wreck?
Transferred from public spaces to breakfast kitchen helper. Had to get up very early for my shifts and of course my good buddies kept the noise and partying levels up to all hours so I never got any sleep. Transferred back to Ducky English's housekeeping dept.
A great summer and tons of fun in Banff. Now living in Kelowna with my almost grown family. I hope to see my kids spend a summer at the Springs


Johanne Tummon – Staff Kitchens/Conservatory – 1972.  

Arrived in the fall of 1972 from Kitchener, ON with Debbie Nowak and first time away from home. We took the train all the way from Ontario. Arrived at the Grand Lobby with our trunks.

Started in the Staff Kitchen manning the industrial toaster that spit out 8 pieces of toast at a time. Almost lost my thumb slicing tomatoes on the big meat slicer machine then worked as a Still Room Girl chopping all the ingredients for the big salad buffets; the makings for Caesar salads that were made with grand flourish at the guest’s table with big wooden bowls along with Cherry’s Jubilee and Steak Tartar. Crazy kitchen staff, mostly German and Swiss at that time. Verena was the Head of the Still Room. Laura Hicks worked the Room Service cage. John Malton worked for the head chef I think. We would always try to get into the dessert cooler (room) for chocolate éclairs. Remember the massive dish washing machine with the dishes scalding hot coming out the other end and burning the guy’s hands. Not to mention the guy who washed all those huge pots by hand!

Then became the Assistant Gardener in the Conservatory. Mostly I wandered the halls watering flowers and working in the Conservatory with that amazing view of the Bow River. Rode the elevator with my friend Stephanie who was the Elevator Operator. Manually operated at that time. Her friend Petrof was the resident pianist in the Mount Stephen Hall. Also worked the Rob Roy room (bar) as a waitress in those ridiculously short kilts!

Had my own room in the Annex. A Bear walked by my window the first day there. Winter was a quieter season. I believe this was the first year they opened up all the floors in the hotel to accommodate the growing ski business! Remember that scary tunnel that went underground to the hotel past the carpentry shop and laundry? Past Rocky, the Security Guard.

On days off we could take the bus from the front of the hotel that would take us to the bottom of Sunshine Village, then another bus up the mountain. $60.00 for the season as long as you didn’t ski on w/e’s or holidays. Always sunny there skiing above the clouds.

Made so many friends, such good times - Marg and Bob Nihill, Linda Kearns, Teresa, Buzz, Julie, Maureen ….