Banff Springs Hotel Staff Reunion




Dave Workman, Dishwasher

Hi, I just discovered your site and was thrilled to see that you had included a link to my web page. However, I noticed that you had put the link to Part II instead of Part I. Enclosed is the actual link which I hope you can change. I really enjoyed your site and will be checking back to see if anyone has added more to the comments etc.

I also look back with fond memories of working at the Banff Springs Hotel. I held the much esteemed position of dishwasher. It was my first time away from home and it was a great experience meeting all the other similar aged people who, mostly, were also having their first time away from home.  

Dave Workman Banff Springs dishwashing crew 1974.

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Leo LaBine, Annex Houseman/Ski Room Attendant & Jim Cuddy, Ski Room Attendant

 (Note: Jim Cuddy is now a member of the well-known 'Blue Rodeo' music group)

This is the Banff Springs Hotel championship hockey team from the 1974-1975 season. I only know some of the names and would appreciate it if people could add any information to our listing of names. 

I'll  never forget that Jim, Greg Keller, who was working at Lake Louise, and I left Banff on a rehabbed school bus to ski Whistler, then circumvent the USA and Canada. Greg and I eventually burned out at Whistler and left back for Ontario. I kept in touch with Jim over the years, and still do. My family and I saw him and Blue Rodeo perform in 2008 in San Francisco. 

From, Leo LaBine. 


Above, the 1974/1975 BSH championship hockey team.

 Back row, left to right: Unknown, Unknown, Gary Baushenski, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, coach Moberger, Tim Dick, Leo LaBine, Jim Cuddy, Roger (Frenchie).

Front row, left to right: Unknown, Dennis, Unknown, Jim (Jimbo), Unknown, Brian Lilly. 


Above, close-up of Leo laBine and Jim Cuddy. 


Above, Blue Rodeo CD cover.




Dale Dusang, Dish Washer/Annex Houseman/Busboy/Alberta Room Waiter

I worked at the Springs during 1974 and part of 1975. I worked my way up through several jobs to a waiter in the Alberta Room, which I believe is no longer there. I was 20 in 1974. I remember Wendy Urton, who worked in Personel. Also Paul Hearn who was a kitchen steward. I now live in Revelstoke, and I am originally from Kenora, Ontario. Would love to have contact with any people from those times. 


Ross Stewart - 1973-1974 - Chef de Partie.

My name is Ross Stewart from New Zealand and I was a chef de Partie at Banff Springs under executive chef Kurt Amsler. It was the most fantastic experience and job of my early chef years.

I lived with another chef de Partie in the lower staff annex with  Michael Tynan also from New Zealand, we both trained as chefs together in New Zealand and worked in the same hotels as apprentice chefs.

Hopefully next year my wife and I plan on returning to visit Banff , this will be our third time returning as we both love Banff and hopefully will be able to meet some of the present staff at the Springs.



Above, the Chef Staff, 1974. Below, the Lower Annex.