Banff Springs Hotel Staff Reunion




Hi Peter! Hi Brooke! It's taken me quite a while to finally decide to 
contribute to your site and to get organized enough to actually do it. 
The impetus to do this was a reunion of my own with a good friend that 
I'd met up at the BSH when we worked together as elevator operators in 
1975. Janet is now down in the States- Indiana- her husband is a prof. 
at Perdue and hadn't been back up to Calgary or Banff for years. Last 
year in October she planned to come to Calgary to visit family and me.
I convinced her to take a couple of days and we'd have our own reunion- 
because it was exactly 30 years!!- and stay up at the 'Springs'. I used 
my 'Ralph Bucks' - the bonus cheques that Alberta citizens got from the 
provincial government, and really, one night was all I could afford. 
But it was a wonderful time and a great amount of fun, albeit way too 
short. We brought our photo albums and went through them amazed at all 
the names we still remembered and dismayed at those we couldn't !! I 
wish we had written on the back of each and every picture but we 
didn't. I wanted to scan the best pics and send them to 
you for the website: ESPECIALLY as nobody has made an entry for 1975!!! 

I now am also including a piece of memorabilia in the form of 
a 'Fire Station Directory and Instructions'  - it's amazing to look 
back on it and see what was asked of us as employees when we were all 
just kids and paid an terribly low wage!!!  It is so antiquated 
considering it's only 1975. If it wasn't so serious it would be 

Thanks for the site guys - it was a lot of fun to go through it all!

Ginny Goodman



1975 Lower Annex. Photos by Ginna Goodman.



Hi folks,
Just a few pix to add to the website if you want. 
They might bring back a few memories for those who are looking for them.
These are from the mid to late 70's when I was a doorman-bellhop.
Would like to add a few comments once I get the chance.
Mark Evans