Banff Springs Hotel Staff Reunion




Glenn Middleton, Rooms Division Manager, 1977-1981

Glenn my late fiance worked at BSH sometime during the above era. I would love to chat with anyone who knew him. Maggie Middleton, his ex-wife, worked there as well. Thanks, Joanna Nagy.



Bill Bedell, Bellhop, 1977-1979.

I am surprising my fiancÚ in Feb/03 with a trip back to Banff, where he had worked at the Banff Springs Hotel in the 70's as a bellhop.  His 50th birthday falls on one of the days we will be staying there.  He has no idea of this trip. His name is Bill Bedell and he is originally from Dresden, Ontario. He worked there from approx.1977 to 1979 and he played on the hockey team as a goalie. He was also there at the same time as Jim Cuddy, Rosie Johnson and a few others I can't remember. Thank you. Celia.


Elizabeth Payne, Waitress

Hi, I'm a former waitress at the Banff Springs who now writes and edits for
the Ottawa Citizen. I'm trying to get some information for a column on Banff
Springs alumni. I'm wondering if anybody knows the numbers of people who
have at one-time worked at the hotel, whether active alumni organizations
exist, whether there are regular reunions, any other info along those
If you can help,
Elizabeth Payne
Ottawa citizen