Banff Springs Hotel Staff Reunion




Underground staff tunnels. Linen Boy graffiti, circa 1978.



Above: close-up of some of the graffiti (interpreted below). Photos taken in 1979 by B. Noftle.

Randy Tilk #1 Fan

The stuff linen boy legends are made from. 

 Billy Hdick, London, Ont    Human being extraordinarre.

Houseman May 27 - Dec 14 1977     Mediocrity is

Linen Boy Feb 3 - July 6 1978           Within my grasp

#1 Fan of the #1 team

Kentucky Wildcats

NCAA Basketball

Champions 1978   Goodbye

And the saga continues....

To employees of the world infamous B.S. Hotel:

....It's a death trap

It's a suicide rap

We gotta get out while we're young

'Cause tramps like us

Baby we were Born to Run"



Geoff Connors - Hertz Rent A Car near the stables.

Some of the best times and most memorable period in my life. Unfortunate to have lost contact with so many friends but the times and people have never, ever been forgotten (CM). We were around 1978'ish for two periods, the first being with HERTZ rentals across from the hotel near the horse stables. Great times!


Kathleen Friseen 1978-1981 Laundry.  

I worked in the laundry room  in the late 70 early 80. I remember getting free lunch or dinner at Moos. If the Bean was serving a bad meal wed all go to Moos.