Banff Springs Hotel Staff Reunion




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Above:   (left) Peter Fisher, Public Spaces -1979. (Right) Brooke Noftle, Laundry -1979 - and Dining Room waiter -1980.

.....and here we are in more modern times.....


Peter Fisher (left) and Dr. Brooke Noftle (right).  2011. Reunited near Peter's home in Sydney, Australia. 


Dr. Brooke Noftle:

Brooke is a family doctor working and living in eastern Canada. He works at a local Community Health Centre, at Student Health Services within a large university and in two methadone maintenance treatment programs for drug addiction. He also part-time teaches medical students and is a member of several volunteer committees and boards. His hobbies are languages and travelling, and he has been to 20 different countries (at last count). Australia and England rank amongst his favourites, although he does get down to Florida at least once every year. 

Peter Fisher:

Peter has lived permanently in Australia since 1985 and he was an ESL teacher for 26 years.  He met his Australian wife, Julie Lowerson, while she was working at the Lake Louise Inn, and they have two grown-up children. Born in Calgary, Peter's association with Banff is mainly through his grandmother, Harriet Hartley Thomas, a Banff resident for 60 years and author of  'From Barnacle to Banff'. Between 1976 and 1984, Peter worked in Banff for five Summers and one year; work included the Voyageur Restaurant, Banff Springs Hotel, International Photo Services (The Film Lab), Ptarmigan Rug Cleaners and freelance journalist for The Banff Crag and Canyon. He is now semi-retired and his hobbies include sketching, writing, local history and bushwalking. 




Corey Rickert, Laundry, 1979, Summer.

Working for IBM in London. Married with 3 kids. Hobbies include cheering on children's Soccer, Basketball, Ski Racing and Synchronized Swimming, and when I get a few minutes I like to fly gliders, bicycle, snowboard and ski with the family. Good luck on the site. 



Debbie Fyon (Schmitz), Chambermaid, Summer:

Married and living in Vancouver. Working for the government. Has been back to visit Banff, but nothing compares to '79. She has started corresponding again with some old BSH friends.



Ron Clark - Annex Houseman/Dining Room, October 1979 - April 1980

I was on a boring conference call this morning at work, typing in Google searches to pass the time, when I thought about the Banff Springs Hotel.  Sure enough, my search brought me to this web site for former employees.  I have a million great memories AND great pictures from my time there (Oct 1979 - April 1980).

I started working at the Springs in the most enviable of roles - Annex Houseman !  Now that was fun.  Cleaning washrooms, hallways, puke, get the picture.  I then worked in the dinning room as a bus boy and finally.... Waiter in the Rob Roy ! Skiing during the day and serving drunks at night in the "disco".  Who could ask for a better life at the age of 20 !  I lived in the Upper Annex, top floor in the one of the only single rooms in the Annex.  My next door neighbours were 2 girls (can't remember their names) was from Rainy River Ontario.

There are so many people that I remember and would love to get in touch with.  Some of their names escape me...but I can still see their faces. Where are : Brent Farrell and his room mate Steve ? Mary Jane Buckley - Human Resources John Tenhave - the most particular of waiters - a true perfectionist ! Gail Zorbatany (sp?) Mary Anne McLean Anne Bell Ron (?) from laundry ? - I use to pass him every morning sitting on his chair in the "tunnel" Bobby Boyle - waiter in Rob Roy - last time I saw him he was working in Canmore (late 80's?) "Scotty" - bellman "Freddy" - DJ at the Rob Roy Kenji - waiter at Rob Roy Liz- waitress Rob Roy and Larry - my boss when I was the Annex houseman. 



Linus Murphy - Dishwasher/Groundskeeper - 1979-1980

I found your website while checking the name of one of the past waiters at the hotel.

I was a dishwasher and then a groundskeeper, and I spent a year and a few months at the hotel. I lived in the upper annex for the whole time, starting out on 'skid row' and eventually 'moving up' to the upper floor. I remember Moo's etc. and looking for the lost room, and of course, all the fun and growing up we all did.

I am now an architect in Calgary and visit Banff infrequently, fondly remembering my time there.

Thank you for the memories.


Barb Fischer - Waitress - 1979

What a wonderful 6 months of my life!!!  Turned 19 at the “Clubhowz”.  Worked with Maggie Morrison, Kevin Knickerbocker, Daniel? , Kenjii? Cheryl? Neil?  in Rob Roy. Mad Mike? roomed in the upper annex with Jacqueline from Quebec. Loved Moos for munchies....Went back this summer to view Banff and the hotel after 35 years and was astounded at how busy and full of tourists.  I am grateful for the crazy, zany memories I have of a simpler time.....sounding ancient. 




Above: Rick Lotz, Public Spaces, Summer and Susan Partington, Housekeeping, Summer.




Above: Upper Annex staff accommodation, Summer 1979.  


Above: 1979 Laundry staff outside elevator-area windows, main building BSH.

Photos by B. Noftle.








This 1979 section is dedicated to our dear friend and  fellow teacher, Ron McRae.

 1959 - 2000.

Vale Ron McRae. Laundry, May/June, 1979.