Banff Springs Hotel staff reunion






Steve Fowler - Laundry and Function Bar tender, Summer and Fall, 1980.

What a Flood of memories.

Pizza and pinball at Moo's, life in the Upper Annex. I can feel the heat just looking at your picture of the service tunnel to the laundry (although I don't remember it being that bright or clean). 

Friendships formed in minutes that seemed they'd last a lifetime - but sadly didn't. Funny how I can't remember what I had for lunch but those times are burned into my memory. 

Had a great Summer and an experience unlike any since. I've been trying to remember names since I came across the website - slowly coming back but what I'm now recalling is how everyone had a first name and a job; last names were less common. 

Steven Fowler, Saint John NB. 


Duane Capes - 1980/81 - Laundry and Houseman

I worked there summer of 1980 and winter 1981 laundry dept and convention houseman. Played on the hotel hockey team would love to here from anyone from that time. PS Steve Fowler I think the author of your quote was my roommate.

Gregg Mulvaney - 1980s - Chef de partie

I lived in the lower Annex until I moved down town. I also played music for the Warner cowboy winter hayrides at night!







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