Banff Springs Hotel Staff Reunion





Wayne Wood, Bean staff - July 1982-Jan 1983


Above: Bean staff in Fall 1982. Wayne Wood fifth from left at back.




Hugh  and Duffy Duthis - Food, Stores and Liquor/Painter & Bartender - 1982-1985.

Worked at the wonderful BSH from Jan.7/82 to Apr./85. Would love to find some old friends from our stay.
I've found some and would love to find more just to keep in touch and see where we have all gone and what we have done.





Pat McLaughlin 1982-1983 Houseman, Public Spaces, Bean.

I worked as a houseman, then as public spaces houseman with Cecil McKinnon as my supervisor. Later worked in the bean for Dale until my partying got the better of me and I was evicted from staff accom....which spelled my demise in Banff. I would love to reconnect with former friends and workmates. Dave Rickards aka Weeble is still there I see. Take care..wonder if anyone remembers me or has any pics I am in.