Banff Springs Hotel Staff reunion


Anonymous: The Upper Annex where the tunnel goes underneath to get to Moo's was where I lived. The second floor (below the womens' floor) right above the tunnel was my room and it had a bay window and my room mate pulled some strings to get it to be a two-person room from three. We had some great parties!

I was there when Petrac ran the show. Sure enough he did elicit a 'look busy' in people in his path. Chef Luthy was there along with Mike Bird, F & B Manager. 


Above: A Springs employee on his motorcycle. 

Additional note about motorcyclist from Clover King:

I recognize that red bike suit anywhere!  That's Spencer, he was a lifer. Nice guy.

I was there through the nightmare Olympics, left as a Rundle Rag.



James - Night House Man

Love your site. I worked as a night house man for about 10 months in 1985 right after high school. Great memories, fun times, beautiful location! A fantastic adventure. 2 of my co workers had direct ghostly encounters I will never forget!
My roomy ( in the upper Annex # 206? ) Mike and I used to take our acoustics and play in the tunnel between the annex and the hotel...everyone loved it and I'm sure a few would remember us as well. I've been back only once and although the hotel has been modified it still has the same charm!




My name is Corbin Kelley and my grandmother Joan Kelley, formerly Joan Bennison recalls going to a wedding with her mother for what she says was the owner of the hotel's child. I am just wondering if anyone remembers such an event and what the name of the hotel owner was at that time?

Thank you so much in advance!