Banff Springs Hotel Staff reunion


Anonymous: The Upper Annex where the tunnel goes underneath to get to Moo's was where I lived. The second floor (below the womens' floor) right above the tunnel was my room and it had a bay window and my room mate pulled some strings to get it to be a two-person room from three. We had some great parties!

I was there when Petrac ran the show. Sure enough he did elicit a 'look busy' in people in his path. Chef Luthy was there along with Mike Bird, F & B Manager. 


Above: A Springs employee on his motorcycle. 

Additional note about motorcyclist from Clover King:

I recognize that red bike suit anywhere!  That's Spencer, he was a lifer. Nice guy.

I was there through the nightmare Olympics, left as a Rundle Rag.



James - Night House Man

Love your site. I worked as a night house man for about 10 months in 1985 right after high school. Great memories, fun times, beautiful location! A fantastic adventure. 2 of my co workers had direct ghostly encounters I will never forget!
My roomy ( in the upper Annex # 206? ) Mike and I used to take our acoustics and play in the tunnel between the annex and the hotel...everyone loved it and I'm sure a few would remember us as well. I've been back only once and although the hotel has been modified it still has the same charm!