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Marie MacLellan, Housekeeping & Wine Steward. Oct 1987-August 1989.

I happened upon this website while looking up information on Mr. P.  I worked at the Springs as a housekeeping supervisor and then in Grapes as a wine steward. There was a whole contingent of us that came from Antigonish in those years and there are still a few left in the Banff area. My fondest memories are of the Works and the Clubhouse, and I lived in Fairholm 316. I always had a great view in Grapes of the mountains and the doormen.  I have fond memories of the Springs and Banff. Other than school this was definitely one of the most memorable phases of my life. I hope a lot of people come across this website as I know in my work how much it means for people to re-connect with friends from the past. I am going to get in touch with a few Banffites to see if we can't get more pictures posted.  To contact me, email:


A close friend John Good and I dropped out of UVIC and headed to Banff to ski the big three. We had called ahead and been assured jobs as wiaters. When we arrived we were told we were to go into the dish pit.  A few hours later all was sorted and we were working as waiters in the Alberta dining room. Oh I remember one of the managers Anita Erickson who was such a wonderful friend. There was another manager there named Kerry who kept telling us to "fly like Elk"????   Anyways we worked breakfast and dinners and skied between.   We planned to save money to go to Europe but we partied it all away.  We even got jobs as bouncers at the works.  What  a time all our tips spent down at the golf shack.  I can never eat off a tray without thinking of the bean.  Im really bad with names but mine is Jason Kearns and to each of the people I met thanks what a time we shared....   As my closing remarks I remember we were awaiting our new room allocation in the new dorms across the street. The ZOO was being blasted with dynamite while we were still living there. I think we own the title as the last people roomed in the ZOO before it changed.  Those last few nights were full of fun.     I wonder if you can still climb into a cab in Banff drunk and say the Zoo ?  Is it still $3   I doubt it....