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Below: Chris Frise. He worked at the Koffie Huis, BSH. 1997-1998. Now living in London, Ont.






Cheryl Taylor Waitress 1990.

My husband Owen Key and I met at The Springs in December of 1990. I was 19 and after deferring university offers in Ontario and not pursuing an offer from Royal Roads Military College (much to my parents' disappointment) I made my way to Banff to fulfill an urge to travel. Out of the entire graduating class at KCVI  in Kingston, ON I was one of two people not going on directly to post secondary. All  Mdme Puddicomb could say for my future plans at my convocation was I was searching for self.

That search started in December living in Fairholm for I believe $42/ week including food. I started as a bus person in the Koffee Huis. A couple of months later I started waitressing there and eventually went on into the Alberta and Rob Roy rooms.

I loved it. After a life time of growing up in our nation's first gated communities that were the Canadian Forces Bases, I was free to explore without answering to a guard at the gate. My room mates Sonia and Catherine were awesome. So many stories involving the Bean and Bitifspliks mashed potatoes (the Bean's were better), late nights at The Whiskey Creek, hangover waffles at Phils, crazy Aussie staff who skulled pitchers of beer, skiing on 3 hrs sleep, ghost hunting trips on the fire escapes (sorry security...that we weren't caught that is!), the ardent Quebec "national" staff we argued with while polishing silver, working a split shift in the Alberta on 3 hrs sleep, running from the elk, breaking into the Upper hot pools (and getting caught thanks to the cabbie who we paid to take us there - not our smartest move), many bike trips to Minnewanka and Johnston's Canyon, Aardvark pizza, bingo at the Legion, our cross country ski and canoe trips down to Canmore, good live music at the Rose and Crown, sangria in the summer at the Crown, road trips camping, rock climbing on Cascade which may have involved a helicopter rescue.

Cheryl Taylor
Okotoks, AB