Banff Springs Hotel Staff Reunion Website


Brooke Noftle's BSH Photos - 2009. 


For the first time in 20 years, co-host of this website Dr Brooke Noftle revisited the Springs, in May of 2009. Here are some of his photos. As many of you would know, the entire front entrance and the old Upper Annex have completely changed, and appear a little confusing to the old hands, although some things remain the same.



A very fancy and new entrance to the hotel. Van Horne is now a bit of a celebrity (that is his statue in the middle). 



10th floor views. Some of us used to throw those little room service milk cartons out of these windows, splattering them on the unsuspecting below (the names of such people will remain anonymous though). Between jobs, the Chambermaids and Housemen used to take their breaks and have chats on these metal balconies, enjoying the best views of the hotel at the same time....



The old Upper Annex is in there somewhere?



Brooke managed to talk his way into the old staff tunnels - who can forget those tunnels? 



The Bean is much the same. 



The Bean menu chalk board. Who can forget Bean food?



More of our old staff tunnels and backspaces. The pipes in the ceiling look much the same, as do all those concrete walls.



Inside some of the new additions. 



I do love that fresh mountain air.