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Contributions welcome. What things did you souvenir from the Springs or Banff? Just scan and email to us. Anonymous donations more than welcome...



At the BSH there used to be an old oil painting called 'Wings of the Morning', by Jervis McEntee, hanging in the Mount Stephen Hall. I don't know if it was an original or not. One day I happened to notice that the lovely brass plaque belonging to this oil painting was not screwed into the fancy, gold gilded wooden frame - it simply sat on a little soon became my 'souvenir' of the summer, although, sad to say, I threw it away years ago instead of just mailing it back. Anonymous.

Above, a similar Jervis McEntee to the one as found in Mount Stephen's. The one above is called 'Autumn Lake Scene' and was painted in 1864. Sold for $83,000 in 2008.


I acquired this sign while doing some winter driving on the Banff Springs golf cart paths a couple years back (approx 2001). It is a stop sign to stop the carts for the golfers to walk across the cart path. I believe there were a few others of the same on the course at the time but maybe not. I do know there were some other wooden signs similar that told the par and directions to places. I actually got locked in the course with my car while acquiring this because it is not open in the winter, only for maintenance and grounds people, so I had to call security to let me out. Anonymous.



Above: a vintage 1950's felt pennant.


Above:  Old vinyl record of Moxie Whitney and his Banff Springs Hotel Orchestra.

 Moxie was a musician hired by the CPR to entertain guests and staff. Contributed by Shonna McLeod (Bayne).



Above: c1970s/80s room key. 


Above: Old CP/BSH fork. 


Above: BSH Menu, 1941. With close-up of prices.

1975 Staff Fire Emergency Instructions. Contributed by Ginny Goodman.